Graphic Design

PORTFOLIO - Case Studies


Buckingham Chrysler: Le Journal de Montréal 

Following absolutely freezing temperatures, I decided to shoot a clip of a disheartened salesman who is willing to do just about anything to get people to the dealership. This series of videos has been named “Best Car Advertisement” by the Journal de Montréal and received numerous mentions in various publications in Québec. This viral campaign is still active and has amassed over half a million views on various social networks.

journal de montreal.gif

Fleche Magazine: CBC, LCN, Radio Canada and the Journal de Montréal

For the launch of the “Flèche Outaouais”, I had the idea to spread the word about it while creating a slight political controversy. Banners of various political candidates for the upcoming elections were printed, with a lower body holding the new magazine added in. This campaign was featured on CBC, TVA Nouvelles, Radio-Canada, The Télé-Journal, The National and the Journal de Montréal.

Total cost of the campaign: $150!


Dupont et Dupont: Infoman Radio-Canada

No such thing as bad publicity. This silly, satirical campaign was created to point fun at a new roundabout on the St-Joseph North Blvd car dealers section. The two Chrysler dealerships were facing each other, and the customers were lost.


Jean-René Dufort of Radio-Canada saw the satirical ad on YouTube and proceeded to attribute it a Prix Aurore, a parody award given to Québecois film projects. The next day, we took the opportunity to shoot a sequel to capitalize on the free publicity generated from local headlines.


Marketing Concepts

Roll for 25,000$ at Buckingham Chrysler et Toyota

To celebrate the success of the number one dealership in the region, we put in place a year-long sweepstakes supported by a large media platform in the region. We had a Lucky Wheel custom-made to maximize on-site prospect retention. A fantastic closing tool for sales and a very interesting prize draw that had a great impact on customer loyalty.

Leisure Days Centre du VR: The Squirrel

When I think of camping, I think of squirrels and how they love camping and hate the city. A funny ad campaign consisting of a 3-part video series that got people talking during the summer. This campaign targeted potential RV and camper buyers.

Location d'outils LouPro: The Lumberjack

When I think of a guy who does renovations, I think of a virile man. What is more virile and manly than a lumberjack? The contest was to find a spokesperson for LouPro and create a series of videos in an American sitcom style. This campaign’s goal was to feature LouPro as a national-looking enterprise even with regional locations.

Mission accomplished with the campaign: “We rent almost everything... except the Lumberjack!”

Dormani Nissan: The annoying salesman

Have you ever been to a car dealership where the salesman was constantly annoying you? Where the guy is in your bubble and you just want to be left alone until you’re ready to ask some questions? Well, me too. Nissan is often out of the minds of people, being the “third brand”, behind other Japanese names: Honda and Toyota. This satirical series aimed to bring awareness of the Nissan brand to potential car buyers while poking fun at the stereotypical annoying salesman.

Buckingham Chrysler: Le BBQ avec Boom Desjardins

Well, everyone loves a good BBQ and it only gets better with a performance from none other than Québecois music icon Boom Desjardins!

Dupont et Dupont: Used Vehicles

Car commercials are boring. I like them different and funny. Safe to say that these ads were not approved for broadcast, but I still love them!

Dupont et Dupont: Street Crew

As part of the new branding efforts of Cité Chrysler & Duportage Ford, I decided to put together a street team to promote the new name of the group of dealers. This team made a series of appearances and festivals in the region, a grand prize of a trip to Las Vegas and concluding with the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Prizes and activities throughout the year proved to be a great success for Dupont et Dupont and their new brand, which has now become well-known in the Outaouais region.